Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roma, a love/hate saga - part one

I am truly lucky to live in Rome. Of all the places in the world, I am so thankful that I can actually call this one my home. That said, from time to time this city can really get a girl down. Here are 5 reasons why today was one of those days.

1. Why bother even trying to keep a decent looking car in this city? Some insane Roman driver is inevitably going to come along and plough into it.

2. Would it REALLY kill them to just put my three items in the bag for me and send me on my merry way?

3. Is that toilet ACTUALLY broken, or are they just too lazy to have to stock it with toilet paper and soap (let alone clean it). I suspect the latter.

4. Hold it right there!! Was I just served a Hot Dog with my 8 Euro aperitivo?? Toss me an olive, a crostino, ANYTHING but a hot dog.

5. Somebody give these kids a double espresso!

Guess what, I feel better already. Back in love with bella Roma and finished whining (at least for today).


Anonymous said...

Point 4: It is called "tramezzino" but yeah, the stuffing looks like an hot dog (:. For almost 7 euro you can have aperitivo in buffet style, i can post some city center spots i have been recently...


regina di roma said...

Thanks for your comment David! It is indeed a tramezzino, odd that they would serve it for aperitivo no? Anyhow after a few glasses of wine none of it mattered anyway :)

Anonymous said...

totally 8)


Cyndi L said...

We weren't in Rome long enough to learn all the troubles, but I'm glad to hear you're back in love :-)

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