Friday, July 10, 2009

Becoming Italian

Some of you may remember our recent controversial report about the Italian fear of drafts and other illness-provoking phenomena such as the evil eye, ice cold drinks, sleeping near open windows, et cetera.

Yesterday, as two kind Italian men performed the herculean task of mounting two giant air conditioners in my apartment, I could barely contain my excitement. Finally, after ten years in this country I would spend July and August with 24,000 BTU's of arctic cool air blowing down on me and my loved ones. I found myself giggling when any time I got too close to the stream of air coming out of the machine while holding my 6 month old baby, one of the men would shout "Signora, attenzione!" (Watch out, the air will hit him)! I humored them and moved away before they pulled out their telefonini and called the department of child services on me.

A few hours later, when all was said and done and I sat down to work at my desk (conveniently located nice and close to the air conditioner), within minutes my neck began to hurt. It became stiff, sore, and sent a chill through my whole body. Panic stricken, I grabbed that handy remote control and hit the off button with a quickness while contemplating the possibility that against all odds, I was truly becoming Italian.

Follow our blog to find out how the story unfolds as temperatures soar to a scorching 34 this weekend!


MJ said...

The dreaded colpo d'aria hits again! It knows no boundaries of religion, race, or nationality!

Wanderlust Woman said...

As an Italian-American surrounded by natives I could never figure out why they'd rather schvitz......oh yeah, they live to suffer. ROFL

regina di roma said...

That's right MJ! An omnipresent threat among us!

regina di roma said...

Wanderlust Woman, you said it(fastening the scarves around my neck as I write)!
Have a good weekend all!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

soo funny ha ha ha :D

and what when your parents tell you since you were a child: "do not have a swim after you had any food (it means also a cornetto), you can die for a stomach congestion soaking in cold water" :DD

regina di roma said...

LOL Even the Americans have adopted that one I think. I remember even my 100% merican friends' moms threatening them about that one! Kindof like "don't cross your eyes, they'll get stuck that way!" :)

regina di roma said...

Outside temp today: 36. Inside, a cool 22. This is the life I was meant to lead :)

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