Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Shoe Man of San Giovanni Market

At the Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano intersection, right alongside the start of the Via Sannio street market, there is a truck. Inside that truck miracles happen.

Though I pass this truck just about every day, sometimes multiple times per day, it wasn't until today that I started to think maybe it is actually very creepy. You see, there is a nice old man who owns the truck and repairs shoes inside of it. Whether it is a strappy sandal emergency, a stiletto heel busted on the Roman cobblestone streets, or just some good old fashioned sole searching, this is your man. He'll fix any shoe quickly and cheaply. This is part of the beauty of Italy, we don't just throw things out because they are broken. There is a fix for everything.

If only I could get past the part about the dozens of little dolls and barbies attached to the grill of his truck...must ask him about the meaning behind the doll collection on of these days. Boh!


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