Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Italy is more Adorable than a Woman

I was wondering what can I write about Italy since When In Rome Tours had covered most of it. It was some 10 years ago when I last traveled to Italy, and there would be another 17 days before I step into Italy once again. What is Italy to me? Italy is so irresistible to be loved and once you have been there, you will go back there again, no matter how long, just like me. To me, its many distinctive characteristics to travelers worldwide are at least as adorable as a woman I love. I have these 10 reasons why travelers are falling in love with this country, as much as a woman:

1. She is so Sexy. When you are in Venice, the magnificent view over the Grand Canal, riding a Gondola, and admiring the sunset just make you feel like making love... their many beaches especially Calabria are hot too!
2. She is so Elegant. When you are cycling up onto the mountain in the middle of vineyards in the cultural capital of Tuscany, sipping your glass of Tuscan wine, everything seems to be perfect and deserved to be taken care of.
3. She is so artistic. When you are in Rome visiting art museums and squares with sculptures, you just couldn't learn enough from this historic capital. Italians are also known to be open minded to chat with.
4. She is so fashionable. She has all the top fashion flagship stores in Milan and she has many world top designers in hands. Need we say more?
5. She is so rebellious. To see Italy off-the-beaten-track, travel by bicycle is very often to be seen and it is rebellious way to explore Italy.
6. She is so expensive. While buildings may look old and rundown, one of the world most expensive sport cars, Lamborghini Revention and Ferrari Enzo are also manufactured here.
7. She is so Experienced. Italy has all sorts of travel attractions to make most travelers falling in love with her.
8. She is so Slim. When you are eating out at Italian local cafe, you will notice their recipes are very simple with controlled ingredients. It is why Italians women are mostly slim which is most attractive to men like us.
9. She is so cold and so friendly. She has double faces. While Italians in Northern regions are appeared cold, Southern region Italians are so friendly and welcoming to tourists.
10. Most tempting of all, Italy is so Beautiful! Statues, sculptures, people, architecture, canal, beaches and mountain landscapes in Italy are so beautiful and picturesque. Your camera's shutter will need to work extra hard to capture all beautiful scenes in any travel destinations here.

The list goes on. There are too many irresistible reasons why I love Italy more than a woman. :)

Cecil Lee is an avid traveler who is also a passionate travel blogger and travel photographer living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He writes about travel for MNUI travel insurance and on his own travel photo blog, Travel Feeder.


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