Friday, January 16, 2009

Rome's (new) Circus

Sometimes when you think you've been there, done that, it's good to get out and try something new. The Lidia Togni Circus is in town out on the Via Appia Nuova at Ippodromo delle Capanelle, and we took the kids to check it out.

For 10 Euro (16 Euro really but you can download an online coupon for 6 Euro) I must say it was quite impressive. It gave the kids a bit of a startle at first, opening up with some intense music and total darkness. But then it was upbeat, with some great dancers (naturally any Italian spectacle must involve scantily dressed dancing women) and fantastic costumes.

With a relatively small space, they managed to parade 24 horses, about 6 lions, and a few elephants around to the delight of all.

Full details for the circus can be seen at:


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