Thursday, January 22, 2009

Streets of Rome ..."The sidewalk struggle"

In Rome there are sidewalks that are practically non-existent, where my umbrella would scrape against the side of the buildings just to avoid hitting the cars parked along the street. So when I was told about the large sidewalks here in Ostia Lido (sea port of Rome) My mind conjured up pictures of delightful strolls pushing my baby about in my extravagant purchase " top of the range" pram, but just eight weeks after our arrival here that pram took an early retirement and now sits permanently inside our front door playing perfect hostess to all manner of things.

Though there are some decent sidewalks here; like for example the boardwalk a few kilometers down towards the port of Rome itself, it is brand new and on a sunny day can be a nice way to unwind after pranzo (midday meal). But the majority of sidewalks on my daily school route make the 2.5 kilometer round trip seem like an obstacle course. Tree roots jut through the concrete to resemble miniature volcano's , these can even continue into the roads. And other sidewalks are broken , pieces of it missing making my footing unstable and clumsy.

Two perfectly good sidewalks that just didn't meet, so yet again I was forced to 'struggle' , balancing my pram on two wheels in order to cross over.

Now the season is cold and wet and my baby travels 'economy class' in a small lightweight stroller that gives little protection against these harsh elements. I still have to struggle across uneven damaged sidewalks dodging tree roots, pot holes, and other small annoyances!

Spring will be here soon, things are improving... the two 'perfectly good' sidewalks now meet. Work began just a few days after taking a photo of that scene...did perhaps someone notice me that day...


peter said...

Sad tp think of stroller 'retired'!

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