Thursday, February 12, 2009

Romancing Rome

Living in Rome one can pretty much anticipate being flirted with by Roman men, who are renowned for their expertise in the art of romance.

That said, I was not surprised when one morning while waiting for the bus I caught the steady gaze of an Italian man. There was little conversation between us as I told him "non parlo Italiano molto bene" (which roughly translates: I don't speak much Italian). He was then surprised when I made mention of my Italian husband. But a true gentleman he was when he helped me onto the already overcrowded bus.

Not wanting to let go of my hand, he let me know that he was soon going make his departure from the bus and we said our goodbyes ... he implied for a kiss ... and than he was gone.

So it's still here, the "romancing Rome" I wonder if that gentleman's day was a little brighter as a result of his flirtation? Maybe that is why in his 70 plus years of life he still continues the romancing.


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