Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Greener Rome? Taxi-Bikes to the Rescue!

There is an interesting new player on the Rome tourism scene this month. Three wheeled bici-taxi (taxi-bikes) are now scattered throughout the city, offering one way and hourly service throughout the eternal city.

The initiative is one aimed at sustainable mobility and eco-tourism, started as a collaborative effort between government authorities and an association that provides employment opportunities for former convicts (is it me or does there always have to be a connection between Roman taxis and convicts?).

The project was initially aimed as a free service, no official fees although tips were accepted. Now however it does seem that three-wheeled former felons are charging up to 30 Euro per hour for a private tour on these bikes. Still, for two people sightseeing in Rome, it's not outrageous. The bikes can pick up tourists and drop them off right at Rome's famous monuments, even those which are in pedestrian-only areas.

The bici-taxis will now begin a pilot test to last until the end of the year. At that time the city will decide whether the project should be allowed permanent funding.

Stay tuned for our follow up once we give these pedal-pushers a try!


Aaron Webber said...

This is funny, I would like to see someone go around Rome with this things and the car drivers yelling at them.

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