Monday, May 11, 2009

How a Crazy Roman Vegetarian Marred an Otherwise Perfect Mother's Day

To finish what was a truly lovely mother's day spend outside Rome at the lake, on the way back to the city we decided to stop at the "Festa dei Vegeteriani" being held at Piazza Re di Roma along the Via Appia. With two kids and the world's cutest mutt in tow, we had a walk around the stalls, admired the cute puppies being given away, cringed at the awful pictures of animal abuse, tasted some disgusting kamut crackers with seitan spread, and wished (if only for an instant) that it weren't sooooo hard not to eat meat.

There is a playground at the park, and our little one was itching to run around a bit so we made our way into the park. As dogs aren't allowed inside the childrens play area, we tied him to the fence, just by the playground entry where we could keep an eye on him.

Everyone was having a grand old time when suddenly one of the animalisti left her stall and decided it was time to shake things up. She made her way over to us and asked if that was our dog. We kindly replied yes, it was. She "suggested" that we move him to where we were standing so that he would be able to see us. I politely explained to her that dogs are not allowed in the childrens park. She continued to insist that we bring him over, or leave the park. Nothing I said made this woman budge. That's when I said "he's my dog, I'll do as I see fit with him, ok?" She turned and headed out of the park, but instead of going back to her stall, she proceeded to begin UNTYING my dog to take him away! What nerve!

After diffusing the situation, taking back my dog, and sending the wild woman on her way, I got to thinking. Was I wrong? Would it have been better to leave my dog at home alone while the family goes out? Does he really mind being tied up while the kids are at the park, or if I have to make a stop to buy milk? I don't think so.

Come to think of it, if you're reading this wild woman, maybe someone should tie YOU up! Keep your hands off my mutt and worry about how you can sell something better than those rancid seitan sandwiches. Grrrr....


The Bumbles said...

I am enjoying your blog - very entertaining! Poor puppy - crazy people trying to dog-nap him and all. He was probably pleased as punch to be away from all the little ones running around in that park.

Alice said...

My dogs love going with me. They hate staying in the car while I run a quick errand but they love it when I soon return. It's a great big happy reunion. As long as the dog is safely contained and not allowed to suffer from excessive heat I don't see a problem.

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