Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arrivederci Roma

With Christmas just weeks away it was time for a little shopping !. I decided on something different and caught an early train ( Euro Star ) from Stazione Termini for a day shopping in Florence.

The journey took a couple of hours but it was very relaxing with not as many tourists about this time of the year.Before I began my shopping frenzy I had a coffee and checked my map scouting the best route to take.

It wasn't far to walk and before I knew I was standing in front of Duomo Firenze, a spectacular sight of grand architecture and it was when I was up close that I realized the entire structure was covered in a soft hue of pink and green marble. ( i wouldn't mind some of that gracing my kitchen ).

Around the site of the Dome there were plenty of little shops and stalls selling specialities of the region.

Not time for a coffee stop yet, further along I found a Coin department store, than a "Guess" store on Via Por Santa Maria...full of handbags all calling my name ! they were less expensive than those in Rome ( I had done my research ).A short distance away is Ponte Vecchio, this bridge is so charming and with a history worth knowing . The bridge is now home to small and beautiful jewelery shops , time for a photo , the scenery beyond the bridges arches were like a painting of centuries past.

Some more shopping in the open Market San Lorenzo, with plenty of stalls selling leather products and pasmina scarfs all made locally and genuine.

Time for two Italian rituals of Pasticcerie & Pausa.....plenty of choice, and on a day like this I didn't hesitate on a spot with a view.

Florence was a perfect day. Small enough to wander and take in the sights of spectacular water fountains; bronze statues, larger than I imagined. And I could not leave Florence without seeing " David" , just the replica, the original is further out of town and would probably need more time to view that one........Next time I think I will make it a Weekend event.


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