Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rome has come to play

My family and I have recently relocated to Ostia after having my second child , and are now enjoying life here in " the playground of Rome" with Sunshine, Sea air...but with the colder days approaching and much less time spent taking walks on the Lido I have searched for other enjoyments.

Here in Ostia I have found an assortment of playgrounds and have seen an abundance of friendly Kids who enjoy playing on them , whatever the weather! One excellent playground "Fanta Parco"( Via Pietro ) has a lot to offer with covered areas for Parents to sit, relax while the children use all that extra energy gained from breathing sea air and eating yummy pizza. There are security cameras for that extra piece of mind, giving space to unwind a little.It is always well kept so I can be assured it is cleaned well where the Children are playing and enjoying!

Now my kind of "enjoyment" is ( and has been for a number of years ) beading. In these few years the number of women who can now string a few pearls together is in the thousands , are we all as gifted as we think ? I only hope !

A great find for me here is " La Cartareccia "(Via A. Piola Casalli ). Here they have everything and anything needed to create a piece of FINE : swarovski , pearls ; FUNKY : chunky , plastic ; or just FABULOUS , whatever makes you happy !. My " playground " has now become a favorite for my 6yr old son , he is busy creating the funkier kind !

The store runs classes through the week and on Saturday....just maybe i'll leave the Kids with my husband at "Fanta Parco" while I head over to "La Cartareccia" for my own playtime.

There are other areas in Rome's centre where you can shop for beads. In a little street near the Spanish steps, Via Margutta ; you will find a great selection of Swarovski. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II has many shops boasting strands of Pearls, coral and semi precious stone. Last but not least are the markets, any that you may stumble across. Look for old necklaces for vintage beads.


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