Thursday, November 13, 2008

Roman treasures

Since my arrival to Rome I have been wanting to find some treasure troves; to find a market where your eyes are caught by something exquisite and affordable and a true "must have".

I have in my possession a little book showing locations of all the collectible, food, you name it markets that are to be found in this great explorable city. To venture out with this little book is like panning for's out there somewhere, and when you find that market you are ecstatic !

A few of my explorations ( all with good intention ) have been unsuccessful. One market I followed to instruction catching numerous modes of transportation only to find nothing or "niente" as we way here in Italy. Other attempts have me travel as far as my front door, really !!. Weather changes, or accepting that the four hours spent trying to get myself and the kids ready has just been too much time spent. And finally, in our perseverance we have "struck gold". A great little antique market in the Historic City, aptly named "La soffitta ai portici" was truly a Roman treasure, we came away with a few little treasures as well as a leaflet advertising the following dates for this market.

Another type of market I have discovered while being here in Rome is of a different kind, one in which you can browse at your leisure from the comfort of your home...ebay. Not nearly as fun but something to do when insomnia is ever present.

And then there is another market day, the carboot sale...a friend with a car and its boot invited me to join her for this day out , selling in a small field close by the Sea. Here we enjoyed sunshine, fresh air, great food and there were lots of bargins, I mean treasures to be found.


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