Saturday, April 11, 2009

8 reasons to Love living in Rome

After all that has been in the news of late I thought it was time I penned a few thoughts of cheer... 8 reasons why I love being here.

1. The Gelato ! Who out there can deny it . Here in Rome is where my taste buds are spoiled for choice ... there are so many flavours, and from my 'research' each place has its own signature one that keeps patrons coming back for more, here at Roberto's place you can sample a rich pure chocolate with just a twist of chili. These flavors entwine together to make the perfect bite. All of his ice cream is made in this little place pictured here. I used to come here almost every day when I lived in this part of Rome.

2. The Gelato! OH did i say that already ... "squisito" that's how to say delicious in the Italian language. Say it aloud and you feel it . It is a beautiful word.

3. Summer balmy nights, when a stroll around almost every corner brings us to the ice cream which is still being scooped out at midnight.

4. I love the fact that I can be a tourist every day and then go home to all my comforts: pure bliss.

5. Villa Borghese ... a charming , grand park located in the centre of Rome , a stone's throw from Piazza del Popolo where anyone and everyone can find a place to sit alone on a bench reading or daydreaming. It's a perfect place to stroll leisurely or take a brisk speed walk along the many pathways and little roads.

6. One of my favorites is hiring a bicycle built for four and taking a 'drive' on a Sunday afternoon around Villa Borghese with my family, stopping only for .... an ice cream.

7. If I need to stay indoors for a few days , that my "holiday" isn't lost or wasted ... the Colossem still waits for me.

8. I couldn't let this go by without saying that the best way to start the day off is with a coffee and cornetto . What better place to live, to love to live ... than here in Rome.


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