Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dodge the Human: Hit by a Roman Taxi!

Walking around Rome can be a dangerous activity, the pedestrian crossing rules don't seem to apply to Italian drivers, if you are on them you are lucky if the cars stop to let you cross and don't expect the motorini to, they just play dodge the human! A recent run in with a cab just goes to show you that even standing still on the streets of Rome should be done at your own risk...

There I was standing by a taxi rank the other day taking in the the awesome view that is St Peters Basilica, only to have a cab come speeding out of the rank, swerving to avoid the group of students that had just walked into the piazza and in the process he managed to clip the back of my foot with his tyre. Crippled with pain I did not get a chance to run after the cab and all the other drivers at the rank, claimed to have no idea who he was so the evil taxi driver just got away with it and I was left with a nice swollen ankle and colourful bruises to prove that standing around on roman streets, especially near cab drivers is a dangerous pursuit. My advice is stick to the sidewalk - at least there you are hopefully safe from the crazy roman drivers!!


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