Thursday, April 30, 2009

Italians Embrace Doughnuts (and bagels too)!

While on a brief pit stop along the Italian highway this week, I was surprised to see more American food influence than ever before. On the countertop where all the lovely espressos, cappuccinos, caffe macchiatos, etc were being served, there was a giant box of doughnuts. Mind you these were plain sugar coated doughnuts, but still dougnuts. As I look just beyond the counter, there is a giant billboard ad for bagel sandwiches! OK I'll admit this is partly a dream come true for me,but a bit scary too. What could be next? Super size cokes? Chili burgers? Should we be concerned?


Passi said...

who can blame them!

Rowena... said...

I have yet to see donuts at the bars here in Lecco. I do believe, however, that the McCafe along the lake has them. Yikes!

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